Is Katie Holmes Struggling For Cash?

Is Katie Holmes Struggling For Cash?
Credit: Source: Katie Holmes/Instagram

Is Katie Holmes struggling for cash? That's the question many people are asking due to an article in the upcoming May 25, 2020, issue of In Touch magazine. The publication took a look at celebrities who have lost a significant amount of money due to Hollywood shutting down thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. Katie not only made the list, but they pointed out that when she divorced Tom Cruise, she won full custody and $400,000 per year in child support. The publication says she didn't get any alimony. Now, some are saying that it will be up to Katie to make enough money to afford their New York lifestyle and with Hollywood on pause, Katie Holmes' future remains uncertain.

A source spoke to the outlet and stated the following.

"Katie was proud of walking away from Tom without securing a hefty financial settlement. But in hindsight, that may have been a huge mistake. Katie has huge expenses, and she's not bringing in a steady paycheck from films or TV shows right now."

At this point, there is nothing to confirm or deny the report and Katie hasn't stated anything about having financial difficulties.

Katie Holmes is the primary caretaker of Suri Cruise and it's been reported that Tom hasn't seen his daughter in years.

Not only is Hollywood shut down with filming on hiatus, but In Touch also reported that many promotional gigs are also on hold. Whether it's promoting products on social media or traveling to destinations as a spokesperson, the economy simply isn't viable for this type of business right now. In the past, people could promote products or even hold an event in a store where hundreds to thousands would wait in line for a chance to meet a celebrity and be pitched a new product.

All of that is on hold until the Coronavirus pandemic is under control. And at this point, no one knows how long it will take before the economy is booming again.

What do you think about the report? Do you think Katie Holmes is really having money problems?

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