Indya Moore Claims To Have Used Prostitution As A Way Of Funding Her Transition - 'I Was Just A Kid'

Indya Moore Claims To Have Used Prostitution As A Way Of Funding Her Transition - 'I Was Just A Kid'
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According to a report from, Indya Moore came to prominence for her breakout role on FX's series, Pose, but before she was an actress, she struggled immensely, and in ways totally incomparable to the experiences of an average person.

Speaking with reporters from Elle Magazine in their upcoming issue for June, the actress claims to have been a victim of sex trafficking as a young person. Moore claims to have been coerced into having sex with men but didn't even know what it meant when she was a child.

She used the money from sleeping with strange people to pay for female hormones. During her conversation with the outlet, Moore said, on account of "just being a kid," she had no understanding of what sex trafficking even was.

Raised in South Bronx, she struggled with the concept of her identity and then turned to the internet for finding sex hormones to begin the transition. Indya linked with people on Facebook who helped her get the money so she could start her transition as soon as possible.

The star said, "they" told her all that was necessary was for men to  "play with her" after coming over, and "they" - her pimps - would give Indya a cut of the money. Ironically, one could ask how a girl, 16-years-of-age, wouldn't understand what was really going on in that situation.

According to the actress, Indya continued having sex with men so she could help pay living and food costs when she lived with a boyfriend. When she landed her job on Pose , she knew it was the end of an era.

Moore claims she knew something was going to change. According to, this is the first time ever that Elle Magazine has featured a trans woman. While her story is heartwrenching, some on social media have cast doubt on her claims.

One person, in particular, wrote, "weird, I remember being sixteen and I wasn't daft enough to not know that having s*x for money was considered as 'trafficking' or 'prostitution.'" Other users came to her defense, however, arguing that one person's common knowledge is another person's area of total ignorance.

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