Murphy Brown Officially Canceled Following Brief CBS Renewal

Murphy Brown Officially Canceled Following Brief CBS Renewal
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According to a report from Page Six, Murphy Brown won't be making its return on the network, CBS. Following weeks of speculation regarding a comeback, the network canceled the series led by Candice Bergen. Supposedly, the show didn't get the desired ratings.

Compared to its original premiere and final episode on the 20th of December, 2018, the show had dipped by 39% in viewers, nearly half of the people watching. Moreover, the show was doing poorly in the 18-49 demographic, regarded as the most coveted age-group.

With that said, however, the show had a 1.1 rating and an audience of 7.01 million. Additionally, the ratings itself weren't the reason for the show's cancelation, a lot of it had to with the filming location which was in New York City, a place of high taxes and other costs.

However, it's possible the series will appear again on a different network, but as of now, it won't appear on CBS, and it's not in talks of showing up on another network either. Murphy Brown is just one throwback that got a revival following a long hiatus, with Roseanne being another.

As fans know, Roseanne was canceled on ABC following the eponymous star's controversial tweets regarding a former aide who worked with Barack Obama. Roseanne referred to the woman as "planet of the apes" and the "Muslim Brotherhood."

It was the use of the term, "ape," in reference to a woman with partial African-American heritage, that caused the controversy. Moreover, people were looking for a reason to cancel the series, due to its conservative nature and sympathetic disposition toward Trump and conservatives, in general.

Since Roseanne's cancelation, it spawned a spin-off called The Connors , but without Roseanne Barr. Roseanne, out of respect for her co-stars, decided to sell off the rights to her show that way her former co-workers wouldn't be without a job.

Unlike Murphy Brown , although, Roseanne was loved by its fans and had very high ratings during its short-lived but very successful run. Perhaps, it was its conservative-lean in a sea of liberal entertainment that made it so interesting to viewers, something that can't be said about Murphy Brown.

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