Iggy Azalea Reportedly Ready To Date Again But She's More 'Selective' - Details!

Iggy Azalea Reportedly Ready To Date Again But She's More 'Selective' - Details!
Credit: Source: nme.com

After the split from her baby daddy, Playboi Carti, it sounds like Iggy Azalea might just be ready to find love again! However, one insider report claims to know that the new mom is much more ‘selective’ when it comes to her potential love interests.

The female emcee went through a lot in 2020 and that was on top of the pandemic!

The Australian star gave birth to her first child, son Onyx, but also had a really messy and public breakup from the father of her child, fellow rapper, Playboi Carti.

But now that 2021 is here, Iggy is reportedly ready to make it her best one yet!

One source shared via HollywoodLife that 'Iggy is on a mission to make 2021 her year for a big transformation. Not so much in terms of a physical makeover, but after everything that happened in 2020 with her relationship and now that she’s looking better than ever, she’s determined to improve all aspects of her life.'

After taking some time to just focus on herself and on her newborn baby boy, she is apparently ready to take on new challenges.

'She’s taking this next chapter to focus on her career, to try and pick up some hobbies that she’s never done before, and to just do what makes her feel happy. Iggy’s not sure that she’s necessarily ready to date, but she’s also not closed off to the idea either. But she knows that she wants to be more selective when it comes to the men she dates especially given the fact that it’s not just about her anymore. She’s really excited about seeing what she can accomplish and where she’ll be in a year from now.'

This update on Azalea's life comes after she dragged Playboi for not being by their child's side on Christmas!

Sure enough, reports have been claiming that despite the bad blood between them, she would not be against the man being in their offspring's life as much as possible.

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