Howard Stern Claims Trump Interview Was Unfairly Used To The President's Detriment By Opportunistic Journalists

Howard Stern Claims Trump Interview Was Unfairly Used To The President's Detriment By Opportunistic Journalists
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According to a report from The Wrap, Howard Stern wasn't pleased with the way the media misrepresented his conversation with Donald Trump during the Republicans' 2016 presidential campaign.

Stern said that many of the things the former candidate said on the show were simply taking out of context out of maliciousness. Stern said to the host of Good Morning America , George Stephanopoulos, that it was unfair that the media dragged him by using all of their old interviews.

Howard, in reference to one of Trump's jokes about sexually transmitted diseases being his "personal Vietnam," said it was in a very "joking scenario," but they used the quote as a way of making him look as bad as possible.

At the moment, the iconic shock-jock is promoting his book, Howard Stern Comes Again, a memoir describing his experiences as a host over the last few decades. Howard Stern, essentially, created the shock-jock category in which hosts have on celebrities and other guests to ask hard-hitting but entertaining questions. Stern is known for getting people to open up.

The host admitted he no doubt played a role in the president's election, although, he actually voted for Hillary Clinton. Mr. Stern said to the hosts of the show that he actually wanted to see Clinton take on the position. Stern added that if he would've had Clinton on the show, maybe she would've been humanized as had been done to Trump.

Stern's book has done exceptionally well, even in just pre-order sales, and it has been an instant best-seller on Amazon since its release. As fans of Howard know, for many years, Trump has repeatedly been on his show.

Despite the fact, there were countless hours of evidence to make Trump an unlikely candidate to win, his conversations with Howard made him more of a human, more personable than the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, whom he eventually defeated.

According to The Wrap, Trump actually appeared on Stern's radio show around 25 times since the late 90s and 2000s. Trump and Howard regularly talked about sex.

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