Heidi Klum Raves About Her 'Perfect' Marriage With Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum Raves About Her 'Perfect' Marriage With Tom Kaulitz
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Heidi Klum and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, have been really happy together, especially since they tied the knot not even a year ago! Now, the supermodel is opening up more about her marriage with the Tokio Hotel musician, gushing over him and their relationship.

As fans may know, the 46 year old star was married twice before and already had four kids when she said yes to Tom, who is 16 years her junior.

Despite her failed attempts at forever, she still took a chance on the guitarist and she could not be any happier that she did.

In the spring of 2018, they started dating and in February of 2019, they also tied the knot in a secret ceremony.

Now, during an interview for HollywoodLife, Heidi told the news outlet that despite their age gap, their marriage is just perfect as far as she is concerned!

‘I’m just a much happier person. I feel like for the first time I have a partner who I can discuss everything with and someone who shares, you know, duties that we all have in our lives. You know, before I was always on my own with everything. And I don’t know….for the first time I get to experience what it is actually like to have a partner in all 360 with everything.’

It’s interesting that she says this since she was previously married to Seal for no less than seven years!

As for her first marriage, it was back in 1997 and lasted five years!

Regardless of all that, it really sounds like Heidi is happier than she’s ever been in any relationship!

And, who knows? Maybe this time it’s truly forever!

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