At Her 2022 Halloween Party, Heidi Klum Struggled To Wiggle Out Of Her Enormous Costume

At Her 2022 Halloween Party, Heidi Klum Struggled To Wiggle Out Of Her Enormous Costume
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When Heidi Klum went to use the restroom at her 2022 Halloween party on Monday, she was wearing a fantastic worm costume and was well aware that it would be difficult for her to squirm out of it.

When asked how she intended to urinate while wearing the dress, Klum responded on the red carpet at Sake No Hana in the Moxy Lower East Side hotel by saying it would be difficult.

She explained that a significant portion of her sophisticated prosthesis would need to be removed. When it's time for me to go, I'll have to undo my straps and find a way to get out of there.

After that, Klum, now 49 years old, cited her former co-host on Project Runway and said, "As Tim Gunn would say, Make it work."

The model freely stated that the outfit, which required more than ten hours to make, left her feeling claustrophobic, and she needed assistance moving around.

Moving around is difficult for me. She stated this to the media present at the event. "I don't have arms or legs," she said. So when I fall, I require assistance from another person to get back up. You see, I'm trapped in it if that makes any sense. It has a suffocating effect on one's feelings.

Later on, Klum had a transformation, removing her slimy costume and revealing a dazzling mesh attire that didn't leave much to the imagination.

The former model for Victoria's Secret arrived at the event wearing a costume depicting a worm, while her husband, Tom Kaulitz, took the role of the fisherman who caught her on his line.

Before the pair entered the VIP section of the star-studded 21st annual event, Kaulitz, 33, planted a passionate kiss on Klum's lips while they were still on the red carpet.

Other guests that came out for the eerie event included Ice-T and Coco, Kim Petras, Heather Graham, and Leni Klum, the model daughter of Heidi Klum. Also in attendance were Elon Musk and his mother, Maye. Partygoers tore up the dance floor to the music being spun by Questlove while sipping on specialty Baileys cocktails.

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