Heidi Klum Puts On A Racy Display In A Custom Marigold Michael Costello Dress

Heidi Klum Puts On A Racy Display In A Custom Marigold Michael Costello Dress
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Heidi Klum is putting on a racy display in a custom Michael Costello dress and fans are here for the look. Heidi has been showing off many of her best fashion styles and even treated her Instagram followers to a late-night fitting , where she modeled multiple gorgeous dresses. Now, Heidi shared several videos captured during a break from her photoshoot with celebrity photographer Brian Bowen Smith as the supermodel is safely back to work.

The custom dress that Heidi wore features a built-in matching bodysuit and Heidi spun in circles while Brian Bowen Smith snapped photos and videos and caught Heidi in all her glory. Heidi shared several videos on her official Instagram account where she showed off the gorgeous dress and each is getting plenty of social media love.

Additionally, designer Michael Costello shared several of the videos on his official Instagram account and captioned the photo with the following. You may see both below.

Custom marigold moment for Heidi

Heidi has 7.6 million followers and shared a photo where Bower-Smith captured Heidi while she was spinning and dancing in between shots. She gave him a special shout out and wrote 'Love You' in the caption. A gorgeous chandelier hung in the background where the lighting was set up to ensure Heidi's photos were flawless. It's hard to believe that Heidi Klum is 47-years-old and the mother of four children!

Check out the video that Heidi Klum shared below.

Heidi shared another video with her followers where she was seen skipping and leaping across the room while showing off the dress. Fans couldn't help but comment on her figure as her legs were on full display and she looked fantastic in the video.

In the last video that Heidi Klum shared, she put on a cheeky display as her skirt flew up in the air and she continued to spin around in circles. Heidi had a huge smile on her face and it was clear that she was having fun and happy to be modeling again.

You may see that video below.

What do you think about Heidi Klum's videos? Do you like the custom Michael Costello dress that Heidi wore?

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