Heidi Klum Gushes Over Her New Fiance Tom Kaulitz - 'I Found A Great Person"

Heidi Klum Gushes Over Her New Fiance Tom Kaulitz - 'I Found A Great Person"
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Heidi Klum and her new fiance Tom Kaulitz can’t be any happier together! Furthermore, it looks like Ellen DeGeneres predicted the Tokio Hotel rocker would pop the big question!

On the newest episode of the talk show, that aired today but was taped before Tom got on one knee, the host asked the supermodel whether or not he’d proposed yet, to which Klum joked that ‘Not that I know of!’ Well, she was just about to find out the answer to that question!

The host predicted that he would propose on New Year's Eve, but he actually did it even earlier!

Ellen was curious to know if Klum was interested in tying the knot in the first place.

‘I've been married twice. I still believe in love and marriage. I do. Even though I have failed twice at it. I guess I am not very good at it, but...I found a great person. Let's see what happens,’ she answered, making it very clear that she’d say ‘yes’ to Tom if he asked.

The model took to her social media of choice to share the big news that her younger man had asked her to marry him, just before Christmas.

Speaking of their age difference, the 45-year-old woman previously slammed the haters that criticized her for getting romantically involved with a younger man.

During an interview with InStyle, she said that ‘My boyfriend's many years younger than me, and people are questioning that and asking about it. That is the only time when age seems to be shoved in my face. I don't really think about it that much otherwise.’

She went on to make it clear that worrying about what people think about you will only give you more wrinkles, which is why she chooses to live her life happily and ignore the haters.

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