Harvey Weinstein Hit With Another Lawsuit Regarding Four More Women

Harvey Weinstein Hit With Another Lawsuit Regarding Four More Women
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Harvey Weinstein, the former Hollywood mogul who was convicted of rape and sexual assault near the beginning of the year, now has a fresh batch of allegations against him. On Thursday, Page Six reported that another four women are filing a lawsuit against the former Miramax executive for sexual abuse.

One woman in the suit claims Harvey sexually abused her for almost forty years. She was just 17-years-old at the time of their sexual interaction which she claims wasn't consensual.

As it was previously reported, the Manhattan Supreme Court ruled that the ex-producer used his power to push women into sexual relationships they didn't want to be in. The suit also listed Robert Weinstein, Harvey's brother, accusing him of being complicit in Harvey's behavior and knowing everything about it.

Similar to the other stories, the 43-year-old woman from Tennessee claims Harvey told her when she was just 17-years-old that she would have to "sexually gratify" him if she wanted to make it in Hollywood. The suit claims Harvey then raped her after receiving oral sex.

Where this story is different is that due to the woman being underage at the time, the typical statute of limitations is lifted for victims of child sexual abuse. Another woman, 70, from Ecuador, claims Harvey attacked her in 1984 at the Cannes Film Festival as well.

At the time, the woman claims, she was trying to make it in the industry as a documentarian. She was 34-years-old when it happened. Harvey allegedly brought her back to his room to discuss a project with her, but when they arrived, he pushed himself up against her and "fondled her breasts and vagina."

When she managed to get away from Harvey, she went to a friend's room but they told her she would have to stay quiet if she wanted to make it in Hollywood.

The case includes two more accusations from a 38-year-old woman who says she was 26 at the time of the altercation, and then another woman who is now 35-years-old.

In March of this year, Harvey was sent to prison for 23 years for his actions. A jury in Manhattan found him guilty on a number of charges related to Mimi Haleyi and Jessica Mann.

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