Halsey Fires Back Against Haters Who Slammed Her "Voice" Performance

Halsey Fires Back Against Haters Who Slammed Her "Voice" Performance
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In response to backlash to her The Voice performance, Halsey took to her social media account to accuse critics of "homophobia." Ashley Frangipane, known by the artist name, Halsey, 24, tweeted she was "very proud" of  Jade Chynoweth collaboration, "Without Me."

Reportedly, the 24-year-old and Chynoweth wore the same outfits as they danced and sung together during their time on The Voice . It isn't clear what led her to make such a comment, but the star said she was pleased to "p*ss off" the "homophobic viewers" at home who weren't able to pick up their purported message of the performance.

While thanking NBC for having her on the show, she said "representation matters," and expressed gratitude for The Voice providing a space for the "vision to come to life."

You can check out the tweets below as well:

Finally, Halsey thanked Jade Chynoweth for being an "incredible human" who performed alongside her. As fans of Halsey know, she has been more than candid regarding her bisexuality in the past, so perhaps that may have had something to do with it.

Previously, she said it was a challenge to a be a "young, bisexual woman," who had spent a large portion of her life trying to prove to others that her sexuality wasn't just a phase.

Halsey is known not only for her sexual orientation but also her relationship with rapper, G-Eazy, whom she just got back together with this past summer.

As it was previously reported, Halsey and G-Eazy briefly broke up, a time span in which she supposedly hooked up with fellow rapper, Machine Gun Kelly. Fans will recall when MGK and G-Eazy had a brief rap battle.

This was shortly before MGK also got into a much-heated beef with legendary rapper, Eminem, due to a viral video called, "Rap Devil." It was arguably MGK's biggest moment thus far in his career.

However, he went on to release an EP that was widely condemned and criticized by both his fan base, as well as those who had just discovered him.

During his performance on a radio show one evening, MGK sparked rumor when he rapped about sleeping with G-Eazy's girlfriend, Halsey, in the time in which they had broken up. Halsey never formally responded to the rumor, despite what some of her most eager fans wanted to see.

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