Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Will Teddy Find Love With Koracick While Pregnant With Owen's Baby?

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Will Teddy Find Love With Koracick While Pregnant With Owen's Baby?
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The most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy featured Teddy (Kim Raver) and Koracick (Greg Germann) sharing another special moment together, and fans are eating it up. Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy has lived up to its tagline as the “season of love,” but will Teddy and Koracick find lasting romance while she’s carrying Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) child?

Teddy showed up in Seattle so that she could tell Owen about the baby and potentially patch things up. But with Owen clearly sticking with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), Teddy is now free to explore other options. The only problem is that she has seemingly picked Koracick, who frequently comes off as arrogant and mildly irritating to the other doctors.

If that is not complicated enough for you, there is also the fact that Koracick once slept with Amelia. What was once a bit of a love triangle has quickly turned into a love square. The only twist is that Owen has moved on and is no longer interested in pursuing anything with Teddy.

According to Romper , Teddy and Koracick had their first moment together on last week’s episode when they shared fries in the break room. On this week’s installment, Teddy asked Koracick out for drinks, setting them up for another special moment later this season.

Despite the complicated nature of their romance, a lot of fans are rooting for the couple to get together. In fact, fans took to social media after the episode aired to share their support for Teddy and Koracick’s romance.

“I was thinking may Amelia and Koracick, but him and Teddy? I could go there!” one fan wrote.

Raver also opened up about her character’s love life this season. The actress revealed that there will be another person thrown into the mix, which makes everything “fun and complicated.”

“We were just shooting a scene that was so uncomfortable and funny and great and wild,” she added.

Although it looks like Teddy and Koracick are headed for something special, it is unclear how they will deal with her pregnancy. Whatever happens, fans are clearly shipping the two hard and that probably won’t stop anytime soon.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air Thursday night on ABC.

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