Gigi Hadid Puts Her Baby Bump On Full Display In Two-Piece Bathing Suit

Gigi Hadid Puts Her Baby Bump On Full Display In Two-Piece Bathing Suit
Credit: Source: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

Gigi Hadid may have given birth five months ago, but she's only showing photos of her pregnant belly now. Like many celebrities, Gigi is carefully guarding the identity of her baby and took months before revealing her daughter's name . She also kept details of her pregnancy on the down-low and chose the right time for her to reveal her growing belly on social media. Now, she's sharing a throwback photo where she wore a Devon Windsor Swim bikini while basking in the sunlight.

Gigi is already back at work and has regained her youthful figure. At 26-years-old, Gigi is like many mothers across the United States who choose to have their first child at this age and more women are finding they can give birth and continue with their modeling careers.

Gigi and Zayn Malik began dating in 2015 then reunited. Fans were shocked and then thrilled to learn the two were going to be parents. Speculation suggests the two are engaged and plan to walk down the aisle within the next few years. Previous reports state the two are waiting until the Coronavirus pandemic ends before tying the knot, but neither has spoken publicly on the matter. Also, Gigi doesn't wear any type of engagement ring and the couple hasn't verified plans to marry.

You may see the photo that Gigi Hadid shared on Instagram where she wears the Devon Windsor Swim bikini below.

Source: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

The Devon Windsor Swim bikini top and bottoms are sold separately. Gigi wore the Hazel bikini top that retails for approximately  $100. The Hannah bottoms cost about $70.

Gigi looked wonderful in the bikini and it was clear she only gained weight in her stomach area. Gigi is 5'10" tall as she has Dutch heritage. Studies show the Dutch are statistcally the tallest people in the world. Gigi's height and her sensible eating habits ensured she maintained her slim frame throughout her pregnancy and helped her bounce back into shape.

What do you think about the Devon Windsor Swim bikini? Do you like the style?


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