Gigi Hadid And Tyler Cameron - Here's What She Thinks Of Her Ex Spending Time With Her Friends Despite Breaking Up!

Gigi Hadid And Tyler Cameron - Here's What She Thinks Of Her Ex Spending Time With Her Friends Despite Breaking Up!
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Despite the fact that they are no longer together, it looks like Tyler Cameron has kept in touch with some of Gigi Hadid’s closest friends! That being said, the former Bachelorette contestant has been spending time with the supermodel’s circle of people, including Kendall Jenner and more!

The question is, how does Gigi feel about Tyler being so close with her friends? Is it awkward and weird or she doesn’t care?

As you may be aware, Tyler and Kendall hung out while in the VIP section at the Los Angeles Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens game!

However, they were not there by themselves and it doesn’t seem like they got there together.

Instead, the man was accompanied by a couple of Bachelor Nation fellow stars - Barbour and Peter Weber – while Kendall was there with her sister Kylie and close friend Stassie Karanikolaou.

But, it was not the first time Tyler and Stassie were spending time together since they also got flirty at a West Hollywood Club less than a week ago.

With that being said, since Stassie is a big part of the KarJenner clan, he is also part of it now, without a doubt!

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Gigi really doesn’t have any thoughts one way or the other if Tyler is hanging out with Kendall and her other friends. Before Gigi even started dating Tyler he was already in her circle of friends so it comes as no surprise that he’s spending time with a group of her friends at this point. There were zero hard feelings between them when they split, the relationship had simply run its course and she really does wish him all the best.’

‘Gigi is the one that ended things with Tyler, there are no lingering feelings on her part and zero drama so she’s more than fine with him hanging with her friends. And if she’d been there with Kendall (at the Rams game) and Tyler had shown up she would have been cool with it, it’s a non-issue for her. And the same with whoever he dates next, Gigi really doesn’t care,’ they went on to explain.

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