Geoffrey Rush Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Yet Another Woman

Geoffrey Rush Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Yet Another Woman
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Geoffrey Rush's bad PR has yet to end. According to a new report from Mercury News, one of the stars of Orange Is The New Black , Yael Stone, claims Geoffrey Rush sexually harassed her while they worked together on a Sydney theatrical production in 2011.

Yael claims Mr. Rush sent her lewd "flirtatious" text messages, peeped at her once while she showered, and supposedly exposed himself to her one evening.

Stone, an Australian actress who portrays Lorna Morello in the Netflix production, claims she was utterly terrified of upsetting Geoffrey due to his status and power in the world of entertainment.

Fans know Rush, 59 at the time, as one of the stars of the Pirates Of The Caribbean films. Stone was 25-years-old when this all allegedly occurred. Stone, via Mercury News, claims Rush would often text her late into the night, sharing playful and sexual banter with her that made Yael feel uncomfortable.

"I didn't know how to stop the texts," Stone said to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Stone says she was doing her best to "keep up" with his banter out of fear of angering him.

In the past, Rush has claimed her allegations were either misunderstandings, miscommunications, or flat-out fabrications. Regardless, it's clear that claims of sexual assault continue to reverberate across the globe.

While some have said that it's emblematic of a society where a powerful man takes advantage of women, others have argued that some of the accused are trying to be friendly and flirtatious for the sake of enjoying the work-place, rather than intentionally trying to create a hostile environment.

In the report, Stone claimed Rush watched her in the shower, and she took no action to stop him because she feared for her career as well as what he might do if scorned.

"I looked up and saw a small shaving mirror being held over the top of the cubicle, to be used in a way to look down at my naked body." Currently, Rush is suing a newspaper in Sydney for accusing him of sexually harassing an actress in Shakespeare's King Lear.

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