Geoffrey Rush Scores $2 Million In Defamation Lawsuit With Australian Newspaper

Geoffrey Rush Scores $2 Million In Defamation Lawsuit With Australian Newspaper
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According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Geoffrey Rush just received compensation for his defamation lawsuit involving the publisher of The Daily Telegraph as well as the journalist who worked for them, Jonathon Moran.

Two stories and a poster published in 2017, accused Geoffrey of being a pervert, who used his power and influence in the acting community to try and seduce young women. The Academy Award-winning performer, Geoffrey Rush, was given an Australian record-breaking amount of $2,000,000 for the suit.

The judge overseeing the case, Justice Michael Wigney, found that Nationwide News took serious liberties with their story in an attempt to make the story as salacious as possible. The damage done to Rush's career was palpable.

Eryn Jean Norvill worked alongside Geoffrey Rush in the theater production of King Lear  in 2016 and 2015; she portrayed the daughter of Rush's character.

Wigney awarded the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor approximately $850,000 Australian dollars for the damage, as well as $42,302 in interest, moreover, the Justice wants to acquire even more on account of a loss in earnings as a consequence of not getting work.

On Thursday, today, the judge awarded Rush another $2 million in Australian dollars for his troubles. The journalist, as well as the publisher, are now appealing the verdict. In 2018, Rush said he would settle for an apology and $50,000 AUD, however, the newspaper didn't respond to his request.

Previously, Rebel Wilson, in 2017, won a suit in an Australian court for damages, however, the damages were reduced by 90% following an appeal. Rebel was initially given $4.7 million in Australian dollars.

Orange Is The New Black  actress, Yael Stone, was announced as one of the potential witnesses involved in Rush's case, however, she wasn't permitted to testify against him.

During a conversation with The Times, Stone insinuated Rush had acted inappropriately toward her and other women during their time working together on a Sydney Stage in 2010, in the production of  The Diary Of A Mad Man. 

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