Gayle King Out At CBS? This Morning Staffers Reveal The Network May Not Be Able To Afford Her

Gayle King Out At CBS? This Morning Staffers Reveal The Network May Not Be Able To Afford Her
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Gayle King's contract negotiations are taking longer than expected, leaving staffers worried about her future on CBS This Morning . With talks nearly at a standstill, inside sources claim that CBS cannot afford to keep King on the show.

Given her recent rise in popularity, King is looking to double her salary. The television host currently makes around $5.5 million a year and network executives are reportedly scrambling to find the extra money.

"It’s not like CBS News can all of a sudden find ABC or NBC money — it has to come from somewhere," a source dished.

The source told Page Six that the president of CBS, Susan Zirinsky, has some additional funding for talent, but the pot is small. While lawyers on both sides continue to negotiate a deal, the network's top priority is signing King to a new contract. Even if they have to stretch the budget to make things work, CBS wants to keep King on board.

King has been in the spotlight for a number of years but recently got a boost in popularity after her interview with R. Kelly went viral. King somehow managed to stay calm when the discussion fell apart and Kelly went on an epic tirade. Even Kelly was impressed with King's skills and later admitted that he is open to talking with her again.

Despite the rumors, King refuses to talk about the contract negotiations. She was recently asked about how things are progressing and told reporters that she never talks about the business side of things in public.

While King will not discuss her contract, she did recently dish on Meghan Markle's decision to keep her birth a private matter. The CBS This Morning host echoed Oprah Winfrey's comments and stated that the media often treats Markle unfairly. She also revealed that Markle and Prince Harry are doing great and that fans should not worry about their marriage.

Gayle King was among a select few who attended Markle's baby shower back in February.

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  • Robert
    Robert Apr 19, 2019 6:55 AM PDT

    Gayle King is freaking gorgeous.I would marry her identical twin.

  • Yvonne Murff
    Yvonne Murff Apr 16, 2019 11:16 AM PDT

    I won't watch without Gayle. She is not the typical Barbie doll talking head which is why I like her.

  • D. Moore
    D. Moore Apr 16, 2019 9:57 AM PDT

    Please keep Ms King. She brings a spirit of caring and she keeps your show fun and alive. In spirte of the hardships and sadness that's going on in the world, which everyday has to be reported. She dose not make light of the situations, she just give us a bright spot or shot of hope. Laughter is medicine for the soul.

  • Elaine Stocker
    Elaine Stocker Apr 15, 2019 11:45 AM PDT

    Find the money and pay Gayle King. Ur ratings top the roof during the R Kelly interview. Why can't she get what she is worth. I hope it is not RACISM

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