Eva Marcille's Latest Post On IG Gets Kenya Moore Upset: 'It Makes My Stomach Turn!'

Eva Marcille's Latest Post On IG Gets Kenya Moore Upset: 'It Makes My Stomach Turn!'
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Eva Marcille shared a post on her social media account that had a lot of fans upset. It's about the lockdown amidst the global crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Eva made headlines before this when she wished a happy birthday to her brother .

'Repost from @djcassidy How can we all not be enraged? White people picnic and sunbathe in New York City and are left alone by the police or, in some cases, given masks. Black people go outside without masks in New York City and are harassed, assaulted, punched, tasered, arrested, and sent to jail where they will likely contract the virus (if they hadn't already from the police). A little boy is harassed by police for selling candy in the subway,' the post began.

Eva continued and cited the post: 'A fourteen-year-old boy in California is assaulted by police for something having to do with a cigarette. An unarmed man at a Walmart in California suffers from a mental health issue and is shot dead by police. The list grows by the day. But white people protest the quarantine at the Michigan and Pennsylvania state capitol buildings (encouraged by the President), holding loaded assault rifles and wearing military armor. Now imagine if these protesters were black and holding Black Lives Matter signs. Hypocrisy, white privilege, racism...There are two realities in America, and it is disgusting. Two months ago, I suggested that in cities like my own, racial disparities would become shockingly apparent as the quarantine lifted. I also suggested that racist Trump would use the pandemic to fan the flames of his racist base, feed them the idea that their rights were in jeopardy, and continue to test the waters of a racist rogue revolution.'

The same post continued and said: 'It breaks my heart seeing those predictions come true. We can do better. We must do better. New Yorkers of all races must demand that @nycmayor ensure that everyone seeking fresh air is treated with the same level of respect for law and humanity, from the West Village to Brownsville to Central Park to East New York, and beyond.'

Kenya Moore hopped in the comments and said: 'Makes my stomach turn.'

Another follower said: 'I am so disgusted. Thank you @evamarcille for taking the time to post this narrative along with the supporting pics. There is nothing more important to call out. You use your platform well. I’m proud.'

Somoene else posted this message: 'The actual real truth here. White privilege is real and white people need to accept that so we can actually be real allies in helping end systemic racism.'

What do you think about all this?

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