Eva Marcille's Clip Has Fans Praising Her

Eva Marcille's Clip Has Fans Praising Her
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Eva Marcille shared a clip on her social media account that has fans and followers praising her like there's no tomorrow. Check out the video here.

Someone said: 'You do pretty it’s sickening πŸ˜‚' and another follwoer posted this message: 'That’s a solid swing ya got there.'

One fan said: 'Ayeeeeeee! I knew you looked like Detroit breed!' and another follower posted this: 'Queen your skin is flawless. BeautifulπŸ”₯'

A follower posted this message: 'What up doe! I forgot your from Michigan. πŸ˜‚ I was thinking πŸ€” at first she using Detroit slang. Your skin is flawless by the way 😍'

One fan posted this: 'Gotta be...that's us all day lol . Whaddup doe my baby!' and a commenter said: 'Oueeee u look so urban and earthy I love it !!! It look like u could smell like a green tea floral fragrance 😍😍😍'

One follower said: 'Skin goals, I always think of getting facials after I look at your skin,' and a follower said: 'Wow! Didn't know your dad was from Detroit. Anybody I see in Atlanta with Detroit gear on get's "what up doe?"'

Also, Eva Marcille is telling her fans and followers that they should know their history. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account for Memorial Day.

Eva wrote this: 'Happy Memorial Day πŸ’ͺ🏾 Know your history,' and someone else said: 'I posted the same thing.. our educations were missing so much They were so slanted and racist in their sharing of knowledge so important to help people stay woke and understand that we are all a part of American history.'


In other news, Eva is living her best life with her family these days. Stay tuned for more news and check out her social media account to stay updated.

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