Eva Marcille Praises Mike Sterling Who Fights For Equality

Eva Marcille Praises Mike Sterling Who Fights For Equality
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Eva Marcille is publicly praising her husband, Mike Sterling on social media. He's been fighting for equality for a long time now, and his wife could not be prouder. Check out the message that she posted on her IG account along with a video.

'Facts Black Americans absolutely get it on both sides. Eloquently put @miketsterling The scales of justice are not balanced, but with people like you @miketsterling fighting for equality, it makes the truth of it all easier to stomach. ✊🏾' Eva captioned her post.

Someone said: 'This is the truth. I was attacked at my job on April 9th and I called the police and the 911 operator keep asking my complexion, if it wasn't for the mercy of God I would have died right there the police did not show up until the people almost killed me beat me badly, I now have to be going to the doctor for my eyes. The police they really don't care about black people.'

Another follower said: 'He’s such an inspiration. Unapologetically woke,' and someone else posted this: 'God is taking The stealing family to a level they know not the glory wind 💨 bless God.'

Someone else said: 'The Justice system needs an overhaul. Justice is supposed to be blind, not biased, and racist. Eve please ask your husband to help the young lady from the show on A&E Accused Innocent or guilty. Her lawyers were awful and did not represent her right. She is now in prison for 60 years for a crime she didn't commit. I cry just thinking about her in prison missing her kids.'

One other follower posted this: 'Thank you @miketsterling for standing up for justice and fighting on our behalf. May God continue to protect you and your family.'

A commenter said: 'When you don’t depend on @bravotv for a Check!!!! Yesss Mr. @miketsterling yesss.'

Eva made headlines not too long ago when she shared a clip on her social media account in which she’s having supper with the whole family. Her and Michael Sterling’s kids are like living dolls, and fans cannot get enough on them.

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