Eva Marcille Is Harshly Criticized After Posting This Photo Of Her Son, Maverick

Eva Marcille Is Harshly Criticized After Posting This Photo Of Her Son, Maverick
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Eva Marcille shared a photo of her son, Maverick, and this pic got criticized a lot in the comments. Check out the photo below and see what Eva's fans had to say.

The other day, Eva shared a message on her social media account in which she is highlighting some of the people that she should be grateful to when all this is over.

Anyway, check out the pic that she posted on her IG featuring sweet Mav:

'MAV🌻 Don’t mind the runny nose I’m just a baby,' Eva captioned the photo.

Tanya Sam hopped in the comments and said: 'Awww, of course, you get a pass sweet baby'

A follower shaded Eva and said: 'Wipe his nose before you post a picture of your son.... smh,' and someone else said: 'Soooo...you not gone wipe his nose?'

Someone else said: 'Adorable! Why do boys always get the eyelashes??' and one commenter posted: 'Oooohhhh that baby is your hubby's baby for sure! Don't see you yet....I am sure you will shine through eventually.'

Another follower said: 'Looking like his daddy twin @evamarcille you was sleep this time around huh sis it was all him,' and a fan posted this: 'This just goes to show you for those saying clean the baby nose who thinks before speaking it's obvious dry skin not snot I cant with ppl @evamarcille.'

One other commenter posted: 'Whew. That’s his baby. Lol, you played no parts. 😍 He’s so sweet,' and someone else said: 'And he probably hates when you wipe it 😩 Yup let that baby nose run he alright 🥰 @evamarcille.'

Lots of fans gushed over the baby boy while the haters continued to slam Eva for posting this particular photo on her social media account.

Eva is also in the middle of this social distancing measure, just like the rest of people these days.

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