Eva Marcille Points Out Who We Should Be Thankful To During These Terrible Times

Eva Marcille Points Out Who We Should Be Thankful To During These Terrible Times
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Eva Marcille shared a message on her social media account in which she is highlighting some of the people that she should be grateful to when all this is over. Check out the message that Eva shared with her fans on social media.

Someone commented: 'Don’t forget us, pharmacists, too 😔' and another follower said: 'Yes, the janitors like me and my team that clean building and disinfect surfaces and areas for people to be safe in thanks.'

Ome other commenter wrote: 'Seems like most CEOs and billionaires never help lol it’s always us regular folk that makes it work. God bless the nurses, doctors, first responders, and everyone else! 🙌🏾' and someone else said: 'And the doctors who worked tirelessly and without proper gears.'

Another fan mentioned the doctors and therapists as well: 'What about those respiratory therapists and doctors though.'

Someone else said: 'Let’s not forget the emergency personnel (firefighters, police officers, medics, etc.)'

Another commenter said: 'Working at a hospital doing environmental services right now is STRESSFUL to say the least right now!!!! I'm so tired my tired is tired.'

One follower posted this: 'So beautifully stated and Sounds lovely. But we will forget. And our celebrity and social media addiction will be sure that we do. Such is the way of our society. #addictedtofame.'

A backer posted: 'Damn real cuz I'd most definitely would love to be home with the kids, but nope I'm out here still working.'

A nurse told Eva: '@evamarcille Being a nurse is a bitter/sweet profession, however I (fellow nurses) love my (our) job... things are rough right now with not having sufficient( no ) PPE... but we're warriors #nurselife.'

Not too long ago, Eva made her fans smile when she shared a video filmed by her daughter, Marley. People sent their love to the family in the comments.

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