Erin Andrews Claims That Her Driver Dozed Off On The Highway

Erin Andrews Claims That Her Driver Dozed Off On The Highway
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Andrews, 44, told Charissa Thompson about her driver nodding off at the wheel on the way from Chicago to Green Bay for last week's Green Bay Packers-Minnesota Vikings game on Thursday's episode of their iHeart Radio podcast Calm Down with Erin and Charissa.

She claimed to have held a conference call with Fox newscasters Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen while they were in the car together. Even before Andrews met with the quarterback, the rest of the Packers were on the phone.

I've got headphones on and can type; everything's OK. There's snoring in the background. Nope, not Aaron Rodgers, Kevin Burkhardt, or Greg Olsen snoring here. My driver nodded while driving. Near a major thoroughfare leaving Chicago! In the podcast, Andrews made the following statement. Timeout? Asked Thompson, seeking clarification. How could he have slept off while driving?

Snoring. Andrews said he was sleeping. The other host urged her for further information. And now the automobile is on the move! What do you mean we aren't parked?" she queried.

In motion, Andrews reported a speed of 65 mph. We're on a Zoom call, so I'm relieved I silenced my phone. I silenced the phone and asked, "Are you effing sleeping?" You feel like Clark Griswold when you get up, and that's not good. My team's quarterback is here, and I'm making notes. My anxiousness is through the roof. What I don't want is to go out like this. What a horrible way to go...

She remarked that her nerves didn't calm until she reached her final destination. Then, she hung up and told the vehicle to stop at a drive-through.

Andrews said, "I go in, fetch him a coffee." Don't bother giving it to him; he won't drink it. I keep saying, "Ahem, ahem, ahem," to see whether he's falling asleep at the wheel during our trip. She continued, "I wasn't paying close enough attention to my conference calls, which are like the Bible to me, so it added to my stress."


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