Tom Bergeron And Erin Andrews - The Network Seeks To Replace Them On DWTS With At Least A Black Host!

Tom Bergeron And Erin Andrews - The Network Seeks To Replace Them On DWTS With At Least A Black Host!
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Now that Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews are no longer hosting Dancing with the Stars in the new season, reports say that the show’s team is looking to hire a person of color in order to bring more diversity to the screen on ABC.

In other words, amid the BLM movement, the producers are planning to replace the former hosts with at least one black host.

This comes after Tom Bergeron was let go after no less than 15 years on the show.

Alongside the OG, Erin Andrews, who is a former contestant as well, was axed too since the dancing show is apparently going on a ‘new creative path!’

With that being said, they are obviously looking for new and just as capable replacements and would like to bring a person of color, preferably an African-American host to the table for more equal representation.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘The show absolutely loved what both Erin and Tom have done and they will be missed. But the producers were also looking to mix things up since this season is going to be the most unique version of Dancing with the Stars ever. The show wants to add some diversity to the hosts.’

One decision they are still to take is whether or not they should even fill Erin’s position or if they should just get rid of it completely and just hire one host.

‘Producers are trying to figure out if they should also have one or two hosts. The final decision on that is going to be based on a few factors including how the chemistry between hosts would be, as it might be difficult to achieve that since multiple hosts won’t be in the same room at the same time. That energy might be off for each other,’ the source went on to dish.

In the case that the show’s new season is done remotely because of the pandemic, searching to fill Erin’s position is not such a pressing matter.


Furthermore, they stated that ‘But an important decision is to have a person of color and that is highly being considered and will likely be the new host or hosts. The time to make a decision soon is going to happen and the future announcement will be on a future GMA, even to take place when they announce the cast.’

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