Ellen Page Slams Chris Pratt For Supposedly Supporting An Anti-LGBT Church

Ellen Page Slams Chris Pratt For Supposedly Supporting An Anti-LGBT Church
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Chuck Pratt recently sparked the ire of fellow Hollywood entertainer, Ellen Page, when he revealed he was associated with a church that supposedly believes in gay conversion therapy. On Thursday, Ellen attacked Mr. Pratt on Twitter for his religious associations.

While promoting his upcoming Lego film, Pratt appeared on The Late Show and spoke about his 21-day fast from which he was inspired partly by his religious faith and the pastor there. "I was inspired by my pastor," the actor said and referred to the problems of notoriety as well as the importance of holding on to oneself's identity.

"If the spotlight that is shining on you is brighter than the light that's within you, it will kill you." The Hollywood Reporter tweeted about Chris' interview which caught the actresses' attention. It's been revealed that Chris actually goes to the megachurch called Hillsong.

Some of its most famous members include Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, as well as Selena Gomez. Recently, it was accused of being homophobic for declaring that homophobia was a sin. Moreover, they haven't allowed people to have leadership positions within the church.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Pratt has been attending an anti-gay church that also has a history of sexually abusing children.

Supposedly, Page was applauded by other media journalists for speaking out against Mr. Pratt. As for his history with the church, Pratt has gone there on a number of different occasions with his fiancée, Katherine Schwarzenegger, whom he got engaged with following his split with Anna Faris.

During an interview with Esquire in 2014, Chris said that he found religion when he felt lost as a 19-year-old boy. And just four weeks after he started going to Church, he was actually noticed as a rising star in Hollywood and the acting scene.

Furthermore, Pratt and Katherine are supposed to be getting married this year through Hillsong. This won't be the first time that Page has criticized supposedly anti-LGBT people. The actress took aim at Mike Pence, the vice president of the United States, whom she claims is a real "extremist."

Despite being one of the only conservatives in Hollywood, Chris Pratt has managed to avoid the ire of the ultra-liberal hive-mind of Hollywood - until now.

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