Is Brandy Norwood Showing Love Or Throwing Shade At Monica Brown With Her Latest Picture?

Is Brandy Norwood Showing Love Or Throwing Shade At Monica Brown With Her Latest Picture?
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Diva Brandy is either showing love or throwing shade at Monica Brown with her latest post on social media and fans are having a tough time deciding.

There has been a long-running feud between Brandy and Monica, and no one really knows why the beef exists.

The pair seemed to have put their differences aside to record the hit song, "The Boy Is Mine" -- they even went on to win a Grammy together for the track in 1999.

However, a few years later the shading started right back, and it died down again.

Monica explained what was going on: "We were young. We could barely stay in the room with each other. By no means was it jealousy or envy. She and I are polar opposites, and instead of embracing that, we used our differences as reasons not to be amongst each other."

It seems the love is back on because Brandy shared a picture where she is with Monica with the following caption: "#BlackHistory
#BrandyAndMonica 👑 👑

Fans are still confused by Brandy's gesture, and Monica has yet to respond.

One fan weighed in by saying Brandy should have picked a better picture and added: "Showing love and throwing shade at the same time..she could've posted a different pic 😂😂. She doesn’t know if she loves or hates Mo. That's why I love that Monica doesn’t entertain the foolery."

Another commenter claimed: "I can never tell when she's genuine or shady. They both slayed the vocals on this one! Still my jam to this day!"

A third comment read: "When your enemies don’t know why they love you so much 💕💕💕😩Oh Brady realized she looked petty trying to start with Monica while she carried herself with Grace! I am glad you realize you were looking crazy!"

This music lover explained: "Oh my goodness!!! I’ve been waiting for a post like this from Brandy. Two AMAZING women and singers. Uplift each other! Who cares who wrote what!!! Gosh, I wrote and sang every note, still love this song. Reminds me of primary school days and I was the first to have the copy of the lyrics in school 😂We were all jamming out to this as teens! 💕💕"

Those two music stars will keep this back and forth going on for a while.

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