Dr. Phil Gives Update On Bam Margera Rehab Stint

Dr. Phil Gives Update On Bam Margera Rehab Stint
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Dr. Phil McGraw is sharing an update on Bam Margera's stint in rehab. After weeks of being on a downward spiral, the Jackass star just might finally be in a place where he can start to heal.

The famous doctor stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live , where the topic of Margera's public meltdown was discussed. First Dr. Phil explained the pro-skater made an appearance on his talk show a few weeks ago, following Margera's plea for the doctor to help him .

It was during the intense meeting that Dr. Phil recommended Margera spend 60 to 90 days at a treatment facility. The episode of Dr. Phil featuring the reality TV star is set to air on Monday, September 9th.

After a couple of attempts to stick it out in rehab, a jail stint finally convinced the MTV personality he needed to focus. If he didn't stay in rehab, the repercussions were going to be disastrous.

"Now, I think he's really making a concerted, sincere effort to turn things around, which I really hope he does because he's got a lot of young people that really look up to him," Dr. Phil shared with Jimmy Kimmel.

Margera is expected to continue to seek treatment at a facility in Huntington Beach, California. He is reportedly focused on saving not only his life but his family, which includes his toddler son Phoenix.

"But I gotta say: It's not a success only journey. He's in rehab. Look, when you really have a problem with drugs or alcohol, it's not unusual for there to be six or seven relapses before you finally get a grip on it. So, who knows if this will be the time," Dr. Phil expressed on the nightly talk show.

After a climactic August, it looks like Bam Margera is having a calmer September. There is no question he has a long road ahead of him. The good news is for now at least the TV personality is committed to making a change.

One of the issues Margera had with staying in rehab was he could not use his phone for the first couple of weeks. Not having daily access to Face Time with his son was a struggle for him. It looks like he was able to find a compromise that worked for all parties involved.


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