Donald Trump Says He Intends To 'Personally Vouch' For A$AP Rocky Amid His Swedish Imprisonment

Donald Trump Says He Intends To 'Personally Vouch' For A$AP Rocky Amid His Swedish Imprisonment
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According to a report from the New York Post, Donald Trump said he would "personally vouch" for the release of A$AP Rocky from the Swedish jail in which he is being held captive for a Stockholm street fight near the ending of June.

On Saturday, the controversial president made the promise after talking to the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven. Trump tweeted on the weekend that he had just spoken to the Prime Minister of the nation and he assured that the rapper would be "treated fairly."

The president said to the Prime Minister that he would assure A$AP Rocky was not a flight risk, and Trump personally offered to take care of the bill, or some other method for securing an early release for the A$AP Mob member.

"Our teams will be talking further," the president detailed, stating again, "and we agreed to speak again in the next forty-eight hours!" According to The Post, the Swedish government doesn't use the bail system as do the British, the Canadians, as well as Americans, among other countries.

Dennis Martinsson, a law professor at the Stockholm University, said to reporters from Time Magazine that the Swedish nation doesn't actually have the bail system, therefore, it's not like he was denied bail as he assumes many Americans believe.

Dennis stated they do not have the bail structure, therefore, "the only option is detention." A$AP Rocky, who has been nominated for a Grammy, née Rakim Mayers, has been in a Swedish jail since the 5th of July after he was involved in a streetfight shortly before going on stage at a music festival.

Videos on social media showed the A$AP Mob members attacking a man on the ground. The lawyer working on A$AP's behalf said his actions were out of "self-defense." Regardless, the Swedish authorities have not bought that explanation, and so Mayers is sitting in one of their jails.

On Friday, the president said it was actually his wife, Melania, who first brought up the issue to him of A$AP Rocky's detainment. Moreover, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian also tried to help free the rapper.

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