Donald Trump Once Suggested A Black Versus White Version Of The Apprentice In Recently Released Recordings

Donald Trump Once Suggested A Black Versus White Version Of The Apprentice In Recently Released Recordings
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According to a report from Business Insider, back in 2005, Donald Trump came up with a controversial idea for The Apprentice, the show he hosted in the mid-2000s. It was also the production which made him even more of a star than he already was.

While the controversial figure was well known in many circles at the time, it wasn't until his time on The Apprentice where he began to receive a significant boost in public notoriety. Trump's suggestion was as follows: to pit an all-white person team against an all-black person team.

The president, who wasn't a politician then, said it would easily become one of the highest-rated television shows. According to a report from The New York Times, Donald came up with the idea during an appearence on The Howard Stern Show in 2005.

Donald turned to Stern's co-host, Robin Quivers, who also happens to be a black woman, and she said, "well, I think you're going to have a riot." Trump joked to Stern that he believed it would've been "handled very beautifully" because he's a "very diplomatic" guy.

Reported by The Times, this contentious version of The Apprentice never came to fruition. In the same report from the outlet, The New York Times accused Donald of opportunistically using racial division for his own personal gain.

This comes shortly after Trump took to his Twitter account this past weekend to say that the "progressive women" should go back to their nations of origin and fix their countries. In a tweet you can see above, the president addressed the controversy.

Fans of the Howard Stern Show know that the production is often the home of potentially deleterious conversations. Howard is known for his intense interviewing style, where he shows himself as especially adept at getting the answers to questions perhaps other interviewers would not get.

Some people on social media didn't take the New York Times report on face-value, however, with users suggesting that the conversation was simply provocative for provocation's sake.

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