Disney Star Ricky Garcia Reveals His Manager Sexually Abused Him From A Young Age

Disney Star Ricky Garcia Reveals His Manager Sexually Abused Him From A Young Age
Credit: Source: Twitter.com

According to a report from Page Six, one of the members of Forever In Your Mind, Ricky Garcia, accused his ex-manager of sexual abuse, accusing Joby Harte of essentially sex trafficking among his entertainment and music industry friends.

Garcia, formerly a star on the Disney Channel, 20, claims that Joby Harte of Hot Rock Media sexually abused him when he was just 12-years-old. In court documents filed on Tuesday in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, papers show that Garcia has accused Joby of the sexual crimes.

Furthermore, Garcia's court documents claim the manager used common techniques that pedophiles typically employ, including grooming and seduction through the use of pornography, alcohol, and the slow crossing of personal boundaries.

The lawsuit claimed that by the time he was around 16-years-old, Harte sexually abused him on a regular basis. The 37-year-old plaintiff, Harte, has been accused of grooming the underaged boy into a sexual commodity which was subsequently passed around to his friends.

According to Garcia's lawyers, Ben Meiselas and Michael Popok, the young man's career was "derailed" by the abuse he suffered, and will take him a lifetime to recover from. Ricky's attornies stated that the men responsible for taking care of him instead preyed on his vulnerability as a young man.

It wasn't until March of 2018 that Garcia finally chose to speak up about the alleged victimization he endured. Harte apparently tried to simply put the abuse aside as mere "horseplay." Posted on Wednesday, Garcia thanked his family and friends for encouraging him to speak out on the matter.

In his social media post, Garcia stated that he hopes his coming out will help other victims of sexual abuse. This comes after the resurfaced allegations against Michael Jackson from Wade Robson and James Safechuck became a point of contention once again.

Following the airing of Leaving Neverland - which detailed the supposed abuse perpetrated by Jackson in detail - the sexual abuse of minors came a hot topic, and some people have begun questioning Michael Jackson's legacy, however, most fans appear to have stuck by him.

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  • mjvictims
    mjvictims Sep 13, 2019 3:25 PM PDT

    No most Jackson fans understand MJ was a predator it is only a small group of fanatical fans and more than likely paid PR people who come on comment pages to muddy the waters. I have also read the court transcripts, witness testimony, etc. I also have extensive research on victim disclosure, statistics on false allegations, etc. I believe the victims, I believe Rick Garcia because his story is one of many and just like Jordan, James, Jason, Wade, Gavin, Terry, and Jane Doe (all accusers of MJ) his story should be heard. Hopefully he wont be attacked online like the victims of MJ have been for years.

  • Barbara
    Barbara Sep 12, 2019 9:45 PM PDT

    I feel for this young man and glad he came forward. I wish he had family that he had trusted to talk to at the time, so this could never have happened and/or continued. Jackson's fans are sticking by him because they have been following the cases since 2013 through 2016-and have read the claims, the court transcripts, the discovery and the depositions. The contradictions they make in their own testimony have been incredible. With a case like this you have to have evidence, or be credible. Safechuck and Robson have nothing-but a movie that also contradicts their actual court case.

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