Sheryl Crow Says She Didn't Understand The Whole Taylor Swift Masters Fiasco - 'That's The Business'

Sheryl Crow Says She Didn't Understand The Whole Taylor Swift Masters Fiasco - 'That's The Business'
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According to a report from, Sheryl Crow doesn't have a lot of information regarding the Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun feud over her master recordings, however, the star recently stated she wasn't sure what the big deal was from the beginning.

When Sheryl appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen this week, the musician gave her opinion on the controversy, stating that Scooter Braun's purchase of Big Machine Records, Taylor's old record label, was just a part of the business.

The 53-year-old said to the host of the television show, "I'm going to be honest with you," adding that she simply doesn't focus on such controversies. Her mind is elsewhere these days. Speaking on the commonalities of the music industry, Sheryl said it wasn't uncommon at all for the ownership of master recordings to change hands all of the time.

Crowe said to the host of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that she signed with a record label 30 years ago, and five years later, it was bought out by Interscope, and the Universal bought Interscope," that's just the way business goes," the singer remarked.

Crowe went on to say that she didn't understand what the "big stink" was because of ownership changes all of the time. However, Sheryl said she didn't have much information on the subject. As it was previously reported, Taylor and Scooter sparked controversy after the latter purchased her master recordings from Scott Borchetta, the owner of Big Machine Records.

Taylor took to her Tumblr account to write a scathing account of what happened, accusing both Scott and Scooter of colluding to essentially "control" her. Furthermore, Swift said she felt "grossed out" by the fact Scooter bought her music catalog.

Scott Borchetta, on the other hand, offered his own account of the controversy, claiming that Taylor was given the chance to acquire her master recordings, but turned it down to sign with another record label instead.

Following the controversy, Taylor said she would re-record her first six albums. This comes after Taylor released her seventh studio record, Lover , on Republic Records.

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