Demi Moore Opens Up About The Time She Witnessed Her Mother's Overdose

Demi Moore Opens Up About The Time She Witnessed Her Mother's Overdose
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According to a report from People Magazine, Demi Moore got real candid about her experiences in life, including the moment when she realized her childhood was officially over.

Demi, 56, who appeared on the cover of Harper's Bazaar for their October issue, revealed what her upbringing was like as a child, including the relationship with her mother, Virginia King.

According to Moore, King suffered a drug overdose when Demi was just a little girl, and that very moment played a huge impact on the trajectory of her life afterward. Moore said that she remembers using her fingers to pull the pills out of her mother's mouth, with her father instructing her on what to do.

Demi said to the outlet that it was the moment when something very deep in her "shifted;" she suddenly realized that her childhood was definitely over. Furthermore, her childhood proved especially turbulent as she and her family moved more than 30 times.

Demi's step-father, Danny Guynes, killed himself in 1980 and she and her mother later rekindled their relationship before she died eight years later in 1998. Demi, on the other hand, had her own personal demons to battle with as well.

For instance, in the mid-1980s, Demi booked herself into a rehabilitation facility for alcohol and drug addiction. Moreover, in January of 2012, Demi, after months of engaging in a party-hard lifestyle, fell to the ground and succumbed to convulsions at her house in Los Angeles.

She was subsequently hospitalized before going back into rehab once again for an eating disorder. Last year, Demi accepted the award for woman of the year from Peggy Albrecht Friendly House Awards Luncheon in October, and she discussed her struggles before the audience.

Demi said before the crowd that there were many defining moments in her life that shaped the outcome of who she became, however, there were times where she was on the wrong path, "spiraling down a path of real self-destruction."

Two personal friends of Demi's reached out to her and showed her that she could change, adding that they saw value in her that she, herself, couldn't see.

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