Diane Lane Freaked Out After Discovering Matthew McConaughey Crushed On Her At One Time

Diane Lane Freaked Out After Discovering Matthew McConaughey Crushed On Her At One Time
Credit: Source: PageSix.com

According to Fox News, Diane Lane had to do everything in her power not to gush over the fact Matthew McConaughey revealed she was his very first crush.

The two stars, who worked together in the new film, Serenity, spoke with Entertainment Tonight this past Wednesday while in New York City, and it was there where Matt revealed his former infatuation. The 49-year-old confirmed he had a crush on her ever since she starred in Lonesome Dove.

"She looks about the same as she did back then," the star remarked. According to the Dazed and Confused alum, he's really happy to even get the privilege of working alongside Lane. In fact, during their first day on the set together, McConaughey announced he was into her as a young man.

The 54-year-old actress, who is just 5 years older than McConaughey, said that she thinks she "blocked it out." "I don't think he lied," the star remarked, but she just had to forget about it to continue on working because it was just such a shock.

Regarding her "youthful" looks on which Matt commented, Lane said she was thrilled to hear such a nice compliment. "I'm dying, I don't know what to say about that," Lane added, before going on to say that she doesn't want to live up to a standard like that.

Putting that all aside, Matthew and Diane had to do their very best to keep it professional, which is what's important while on set. Lane said that she and Matt "of course" started with the explicit scenes because that's what the film Gods would want.

Hopefully, the new movie, Serenity , is the film to bring Matthew's career to what it once was with films like Dallas Buyer's Club, Killer Joe, Interstellar, The Wolf Of Wall Street, and Tropic Thunder.

A few bad movies in the second part of the 2010s is what held Mr. McConaughey back, following his Best Actor Academy Award win for Dallas Buyer's Club. His co-star, Jared Leto, earned the award for Best Supporting Actor as well.


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