Deyjah Harris Raises Awareness On Mental Health And Makes T.I. Proud

Deyjah Harris Raises Awareness On Mental Health And Makes T.I. Proud
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While most young ladies are showing off all kinds of outfits, shoes, bags, and nails on social media, there are some young people out there who are also focused on other kinds of things. Such a young lady is T.I.'s daughter, Deyjah Harris .

Tale a look at her most recent Instagram post and you will understand. She's addressing the vital issue of mental health.

Deyjah began her post by saying: 'I’m thinking about going on live later on today or making a youtube video to have a discussion with you all about mental health!'

She continued and asked her followers: 'please ask me any questions you might want me to answer, if you need advice and don’t want others to see what you’re saying, feel free to DM me your questions! ❤️ i don’t mind touching on any topic when it comes to mental health so please know that you can ask or tell me anything! last thing, PLEASE DO NOT LIE OR CREATE SOMETHING TO SAY JUST TO GET MY ATTENTION!!!! 🗣 ❤️drop them in the comments or my DM.'

People seemed really interested in the subject.

Someone said: 'Can you talk about mental illness in the black community? For years I’ve struggled with mental illness and everyday is hard but I feel like i had to cry out for help cause my parents didn’t understand. Now I have a little cousin who has just been diagnosed with schizophrenia but my aunt knew something was wrong and never got her help and now she has to be in a facility until she gets better.'

The same follower continued and said: 'I feel like mental health in the black community is almost unspoken of. Our older generation, like parents, don’t understand the significance of mental illness. I feel like the more we educate parents in the black community so they can stop being in denial about mental illness because it’s a very serious thing.'

One other fan wrote: 'Can you talk about eating disorders and the mental health that plays a part in those conditions?'

Somoene else had another idea and posted: 'Self-harm is so common in the black community, but we never talk about it because it's passed off as a white people problem. And I'm not just talking about teens being affected, men and women too. I was just wondering your thoughts on self-harm or if you've ever engaged in any form of it? Also good on you for doing this.'

What do you think about Deyjah's initiative and what subject would you like to see debated by Tip's daughter?

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