Deyjah Harris Offers A Quick Mental Health Check In

Deyjah Harris Offers A Quick Mental Health Check In
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T.I.'s daughter, Deyjah Harris posted a quick mental health check-in. Check out her post below.

'a quick mental health check-in: how are you feeling? be honest, you’re safe here,' she began her post.

'💕 I feel amazing and life is awesome right now.
❤️ I feel pretty good. I’m feeling truly loved and cared for.
🧡 I’m not too bad, I can’t complain. I’m calm and warm on the inside.
💛 I’m alright. I could be better but I’m hanging in there and I still have hope.
💚 I really don’t know right now honestly. I suppose I feel numb or empty.
💙 I’m starting to get tired.
💜 things are starting to fall apart in my life, including me. I need a reminder as to why I should keep,' Deykah continjeud her post.

Someone said: 'I know sometimes it’s pointless to let others in on your feelings but I’m really in a deep deep place. Thanks for always being so kind to us and checking up ❤️ we appreciate you more than you know 💞✨'

A follower posted this: 'Sending light and love everyone’s way. This post is amazing and so so interactive, have a great evening everyone ❤️.'

Someone else posted: '💚 then 💛 & repeat. It’s mentally & emotionally damaging,' and a follower said: '- much better than I was a month or two ago! I’ve reached out and gotten professional help and I’m slowly progressing 😊'

Someone else said: 'eally have mix thoughts. They can change in minutes. Your post I take real serious about and I point out what I feel and work on them. I watch your video multiple times just to get my notes and stay positive 😘😘.'

In other news, Deyjah got really emotional, and she made sure to write the most loving and emotional message for her sister,  Tiny Harris ‘s daughter,  Zonnique Pullins .


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