Dennis Rodman Hit With Misdemeanor Battery Charges After He Allegedly Slapped A Man In A Bar

Dennis Rodman Hit With Misdemeanor Battery Charges After He Allegedly Slapped A Man In A Bar
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According to a report from NBC News, Dennis Rodman found himself in trouble with authorities after he allegedly slapped a man in a Florida bar. The police reportedly charged him with one count of misdemeanor battery.

The report claimed on Thursday that Rodman apparently hit the complainant twice in the face while at a Del Ray Beach bar in celebration of his 58th birthday.

NBC News reported that the man, who later went to the police about the incident, woke up with swelling on his face. Just two days after the incident occurred, the man went to the police to file a report claims NBC.

According to the news organization, Dennis Rodman, via his attorney, pleaded not guilty to the charges on Thursday. If convicted for the crime, Dennis would be in jail for one year. Moreover, back in May of this year, a yoga studio in California accused Dennis of stealing $500 worth of clothing from them.

Rodman, who has encountered legal troubles repeatedly over the years, denied stealing the items and accused the studio of just trying to shake him out of some money. Rodman claims he asked employees at the studio if he and his friends could grab a few things, and she told him he could.

As fans of the iconic basketball player know, Rodman, over the years, established a close friendship with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. They first met back in February of 2013, and since then, Rodman has visited the chairman six times.

Dennis told reporters previously that he and Kim Jong Un were "friends for life," a comment for which Dennis has been castigated in the media. Moreover, many people on social media as well as in the entertainment industry have accused Dennis of being a traitor to American values and principles.

Critics accused Dennis of willfully ignoring North Korea's egregious human rights violations, including famines, state executions, and other atrocities. Rodman, on the other hand, chose to look at the situation from a different perspective.

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