Dennis Rodman Says Madonna Offered Him $20 Million To Have A Baby With Her

Dennis Rodman Says Madonna Offered Him $20 Million To Have A Baby With Her
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Shockingly enough, Dennis Rodman claims Madonna promised him no less than $20 Million if he got her pregnant! While on The Breakfast Club, the man shared the outrageous details of the time he had with the superstar in the 90s.

According to Dennis, their very public romance could have very well resulted in a child!

It all started when co-host Charlamagne the God said: ‘They say you broke up with Madonna because you didn’t want to get her pregnant.’

That is when the basketball star revealed he actually did try to impregnate the pop star in the 90s when they were together.

‘I tried over here by Central Park. She had that big three-story place over there. I was rolling the dice in Vegas and she’s in New York. She says [over the phone], ‘Dennis, you know what? I’m ovulating.'’

Hearing this, Dennis supposedly told her he’d be there in five hours and she sent him a plane to pick him up only to come be intimate with her.

Right after, the sportsman went back to Las Vegas.

Of course, as you know, they never ended up having a baby despite trying but Dennis revealed there was money involved since Madonna allegedly ‘asked me that if I got her pregnant she’d pay me $20 million.’

The millions would have been all his ‘if the baby was born,’ the former NBA player added.

In true Kanye West and Taylor Swift fashion, Dennis also outrageously claimed he was the one to make Madonna a star even though she was already famous when they met.

‘In 1993, I think her career was declining and she said that the reason that she dated me was because I was a bad boy. So I was going up and she was pretty much leveling off,’ he insisted.

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