Lebron James Dishes On The Hong Kong Protests - Hong Kong Protestors Slam Him As Anti-Democracy

Lebron James Dishes On The Hong Kong Protests - Hong Kong Protestors Slam Him As Anti-Democracy
Credit: Source: NBCNews.com

According to a report from BET.com, Lebron James, the NBA superstar who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, recently dished on the political crisis China and Hong Kong are dealing with. Before a preseason game on the 14th of October, James claimed that Daryl Morey's tweet in support of Hong Kong was "misinformed."

James said before reporters that he was either "misinformed" or not educated on the topic to begin with. "I have no idea, but that is just my belief," James added, before going on to insinuate that those who criticize the Chinese government - especially Chinese immigrants who live elsewhere in the world and have family back home in China - could be put in danger.

Moreover, the basketball player added that social media is more often than not, not the greatest place to voice one's opinion on sophisticated subjects. Consequently, James' comments spread like wildfire on social media with many users criticizing the LA Lakers player's political views.

The star went on to say on his Twitter account to state that he thought Morey never considered the consequences of the tweet he made on the social sharing platform. Reportedly, Hong Kong wants to continue maintaining its independence as a nation separate communist China.

Thus far, LeBron has been accused of being against the Hong Kong protestors for the sake of "money," although, it's unclear whether LeBron needs any more at this stage in his career.

Regardless, his comments sparked the ire of many people online, including official political figures and elected representatives like Ben Sasse from Nebraska, who stated Lebron was "parroting a communist agenda."

Jon Heyman, from the Major League Baseball Network, stated that the NBA has more interest in making more money than they do in freedom. As it was previously reported, protestors in Hong Kong started fighting against a new law brought in by the Chinese government that would see dissidents in Hong Kong extradited back to China for punishment or punitive action.

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