Deelishis Reveals The Prayer That Got Her Raymond Santana -- She Says He Thought She Wanted Him For His Money!

Deelishis Reveals The Prayer That Got Her Raymond Santana -- She Says He Thought She Wanted Him For His Money!
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Deelishis has come a long way since her days on Flavor of Love. She is engaged to one of the Exonerated Five members who is treating her the way she deserves to be treated.

The mother and entrepreneur is sharing the prayer that she used to get Raymond Santana. The former reality star also revealed that her beau originally thought she was trying to get with him for his money.

Raymond became a household name when the Netflix series When They See Us blew up on the streaming service. Not only did the fame offer him new opportunities but he already had a hefty sum of money from being exonerated for a crime that he and four others didn't commit.

While speaking with Kendra G. Media, she was candid about their relationship.

'With Raymond, people know him for two things. He was exonerated for a crime he never committed and of course he got a paycheck from it So of course when they hear that we’re together, they say, ‘Oh it’s got to be for money.’ Let  me be very clear, I did not ask God for a broke man and I’m okay with that. I’ve been working hard for many, many moons. So when I said, ‘God if I’m going to be in a serious relationship, if I’m going to consider marriage—which I know that’s what you want me to do—can you not just send me not just what you know I need but a little bit of what I want?'

She also listed the qualities she asked for in a man when she prayed.


'So, can he be loving, can he be loyal, can he be funny, can he be family-oriented? Can he accept me that I’m a mother? Can he accept me that I’m sexy to the public but I will be as wholesome as he need me to be at home as long as he can be able to take that well-roundedness? Can he embrace me? But not only that, can he motivate me? Can he make me into being even greater than I know myself to be even though I know I am great. And then, can he not be broke? Can he have some money? Can he be a good lover? I want to on fire when I’m in this relationship. You are my Father which is in heaven and you say anything I ask for I can have. Can I have that? And boom!'

She went on to say that she had to prove to Santana that she was well-off on her own. She went on to reveal that he was the one that moved into her house.

She said that this was all happening as people on social media were bashing her for being a golddigger.

It's great to see that both of them have something to bring to the table and they're in it for true love.

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