David Adefeso Teaches Fans How To Pick The Best Bank

David Adefeso Teaches Fans How To Pick The Best Bank
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David Adefeso is teaching his fans and followers how to pick the best bank. Check out the post that he shared on his social media account.

'Tips For Choosing Where To Bank: These are a list of things to Avoid: - ATM fees - Transaction fees - Monthly service fees - Overdraft fees Look for: - Banks that give sizable interest - Great Online Service - Bank that offers more than just Checking/Savings - Business bank account For more tips follow @david.adefeso,' he wrote.

A follower said: 'Great info. Thank you for sharing this for those who might not know.👏' and someone else posted this: 'Wow good points let asked my bank again or they about to be replaced 🙌'

A commenter said: '@david.adefeso thank you for this information.'

He also wrote the following: 'I don’t blame the banks who pay hundreds of millions in dividends to shareholders or the executives that make tens of millions of dollars in compensation. That’s the capitalist system we live in, and many of these executives work extraordinarily hard and sacrificed a lot to be where they are. But for the rest of us, it’s best to take control of our #financial freedom and either demand less fees and more interest or move your bank to one that will pay you more and charge you less. And if all else fails, buy the bank stock—because #wealth is being transferred from the depositor to the shareholder.'

David Adefeso   shared a video from his vacay that has fans smiling. Lots of people said that they have not seen him so happy for a really long time.


David said: 'Coming from nowhere in particular; and heading nowhere in particular. Just loving life — carefree and happy. Maybe this single life isn’t all that bad after all.'

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