David Adefeso Talks About The Chains That Hold Us Back In Life

David Adefeso Talks About The Chains That Hold Us Back In Life
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David Adefeso is talking about the chains that are holding us back in life. Check out his message.

'“Many of the battles we fight in life, are fought inside ourselves, mainly trying to make choices. ...and even the choice we refuse to make is a choice made.” - @slowcountrymovie Yes, I’m back!!! Hope you missed me as much as I missed you ❤️ Tune in Monday March 1st at 1pm PST for a special discussion on YouTube & FB LIVE! Click the link in my bio to watch on YouTube or head to my Facebook page David Adefeso to join!' David captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Welcome back, David! I can’t wait to tune in for some more great life and financial advice🔥🔥'

A follower said: 'Thank you🙏🏽. Look forward to seeing you Monday at 1pm PST. I’ve got a great show planned.'

Someone else wrote: 'Wouldn’t miss this for anything. Your show always gives such great droplets of financial wisdom❤️❤️🙌🙌 . I wish they taught this stuff in schools.'

A commenter said: 'Is this going to be broadcast later after March 1st. Just asking since I will be working during air time.'

Someone else said: 'Incredible super man filled with wisdom and guidance 🙏.. can't wait to watch and tap some of your knowledge🙌.. You have a very powerful uplifting spirit. Thank you bro!!!🙌'

A follower posted this: 'Beautiful forum!!... When I read comments here I feel so elevated because I see matured minds and serious people who are willing to learn from David. This place is a no joke zone!!! Nice.'

In other news, David Adefeso is another famous person who is remembering Ahmaud Arbery. Check out the post that he shared on his social media account.

David is trying to recover following the breakup from Tamar Braxton.

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