David Adefeso Shares A Throwback Photo That Impresses Fans

David Adefeso Shares A Throwback Photo That Impresses Fans
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David Adefeso shared a photo on his social media account that managed to impress his fans. Check out the photo below.

Someone said: 'I think u look more hotter now …u look really great here and a little bit skinny but now more masculine 🔥🔥🔥' and another follower posted this: 'Oh David, you have only gotten better with time 👏👏👏'

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A follower said: 'David ……we need to talk sunshine, this is getting out of hand 😂' and one other commenter posted this: 'This can't be only 8 years ago. Maybe 30 years ago, but NOT 8.'

A fan said: 'You look so different it's not the work out but different I see that Jollie face that excited smile you give nice photo' and one other follower posted this: 'Why this look like a skinny pic of @willsmith I thought it was him at first.'

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A fan said: 'Looking nice and sexy with that 8-pack😋❤️.'

David Adefeso   continues to offer financial advice to his fans on social media. Check out the post that he shared on IG below.

'As a financial advisor to the 1% and a Wall Street Investment Banker to some of the largest companies in the World, I have been on the forefront of close to half a dozen stock market boom and bursts,' he began his post.

He continued and said: 'This includes the pandemic-driven stock market crash in Feb 2020, the real estate-driven “Great Recession” of 2008/2009, the internet stock bubble crater of 2000/2001, and the junk bond fueled crash of the early 90’s.'

David also posted: 'Each period requires two variables to be present: The first is a new financial innovation -- think junk bonds of the late 80’s, zero-revenue internet stock IPOs of the late 90’s and collateralized debt obligations and liar loans of the early 2000’s -- all of which have now been replaced by #cryptos, #SPACS and #reddit -fueled hype.'


Fans are really happy whenever he posts financial advice and they made sure to show their gratitude in the comments section.

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