David Adefeso Is Back From His Dream Vacay And He Describes The Flight To Fans And IG Followers

David Adefeso Is Back From His Dream Vacay And He Describes The Flight To Fans And IG Followers
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David Adefeso just got back from his vacay, and he made sure to show his fans a video in which he's addressing his flight back. Check out the post that he dropped on his social media account below.

'It was a great flight back in. Best I’ve had on a commercial airline in a while. I was cruising down the aisle…at least until I hit the immigration line for US citizens. What the…#%&!! I’ll admit that I do enjoy the good life and splurging on those things that make life easier and more delightful,' David began.

David continued and said: 'But I’d hate to become one of those “private jet snobs” who (while 12 million kids in America go hungry every day) decides to spend $27,000 on a private jet owned by a billionaire, instead of $2,700 on a nice commercial flight….just to avoid this. What happened to the 7 figures I paid in taxes last year? #explore #explorepage #viral.'

Someone said: 'The 7 figures you paid in taxes went to the government and all of its high ranking officials. Now, if you have more tax write offs, you can splurge on the $27k private jet or save towards your own.'

A commenter posted this: 'I know nothing about you personally but you seem humble and a God fearing man. Sometimes the small this are genuinely memorable and breathtaking. Have a wonderful evening.'

One other follower said: 'Wait what seven figures in taxes!!!!! That makes we want to weep!!'

A fan wrote this message: 'Our taxes paid doesn't matter. I'm in Canada and when I returned I felt like I was lined up in a concentration camp. It was a horrible experience, that it made me rethink about going on my next adventure away, which I normally do every three months. I am already dreading the thought of returning, not leaving, as that experience was pleasant. All the best to you in your travels.'

Someone else said: 'The celebrities millionaires and billionaires got the regular poor people f***** up they know they don't have that money so they Robbed from Peter to pay Paul to get them bodies done knowing damn well they don't have it and all of them looking like they gave is not only frozen but melting and do everything illegal in the pandemic to obtain those facelift ,booty lift,hip lift ,lip injections SMH do they know after sometime that don't work gravity takes over and is nothing you can do about it and I will just be on a regular praying instead of paying all that money that's and do something else with it like feed the poor buy some land investment people are rich all the wrong reasons people spend money for all the wrong reasons and it's the ones that really don't what to do with that kind of money or wealth but we can't change people they be beautiful already but beauty is within.'


One other follower said: 'I hear you about those spoiled rich folks (and many not so rich) who take expensive private jets and flaunt it on social media just to make themselves look cool. I appreciate rich but humble people like you who aren’t afraid to call them out and say things the way they really are. Kudos my brotha.'

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