David Adefeso Has Fans In Tears With A Single Move

David Adefeso Has Fans In Tears With A Single Move
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David Adefeso showed his fans and followers a clip that had a lot of people in awe. Some of them were even in tears, as you will see in the comments section.

'Without a doubt the most wholesome video you’ll see today! It could all be this simple,' David captioned his post on social media.

A lot of people hopped in the comments to praise Tamar Braxton's ex. They told him that he did a great job making them emotional with this video.

Someone said: 'Omg bawling!! Kids and kindness, compassion,' and a commenter posted this: 'Humanity on full display for adults that don’t get it.'

A fan said: 'We can learn so much from the innocence of kids,' and one other follower said: 'Reminds me of when I went to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I won’t go again. My heart couldn’t take it!!'

Somoene else said: 'Yesss! To GIVE is to receive! Thank you for posting this display of love mong children. #Hope.'

These are just some of the few comments that people dropped on David's post. Lots of other people became emotional after seeing his video.

Just the other day, we revealed that David Adefeso   shared another video with business-related advice, and fans are in awe. People are praising the clip via the comments section again.

'A good business owner knows when to say NO to business! If the client does not fit the core principles you aspire to, the answer has to be “no, thank you”. Because not all money is good money.'

Also, he shared an essential message about hard work, and fans are here for it. Also, make sure to check out the video that he dropped on his social media account.


'Many people often ask me what the secret to my success is: From a homeless and penniless immigrant at Age 21 to a multiple award-winning Harvard MBA, Wall-Street Investment Banker and self-made multi-millionaire at 30; I have defied the odds, shattered every glass ceiling I encountered, and soared higher than most would dare to imagine,' he began his message.

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