David Adefeso Addresses The Best Compliments - Check Out His Message

David Adefeso Addresses The Best Compliments - Check Out His Message
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David Adefeso had an exciting message for his fans. Check it out here.

'With all the negativity going on around the world, sometimes it’s good to spread love and kindness around us. Everyone is fighting a specific battle that we may not know about which is why we need to be mindful with our daily choice of words,' David began.

He also said: 'With that being said, what’s the most memorable compliment you’ve ever received or given to someone that stuck with you along the years? Let’s get to know each other more, tell me in the comments and share this post because I want to hear from everyone.'

A fan said: 'When my son talk about what he learned from me. Biggest compliment,' and another follower said: 'My daughter once told me, you're my greatest inspiration and blessings thank you for choosing me.'

Someone else said: 'I am always receiving compliments on my locs. However, recently a colleague told me that she loves how I speak peace and grace onto other educators at staff meetings. She stated that I don't say much but when I do people listen. I thought it sweet.'

One other follower posted this; 'When my best friend since forever, Jonas, says ”seeing is believing”. He means the progress I’ve made both personally and with my career, since the birth of my daughter seven years ago. He’s the greatest because he always speaks the truth with empathy. Good stuff and bad stuff.'

A fan posted this: 'I'm always told that I'm beautiful inside and outside That I'm a great listener and a wise person. People feel relief after talking to me. I get thanked often and complimented.'


Someone else said: 'I just told this lady at the mall that she has the most beautiful legs. She just couldn't believed that I said it..She was super happy.'

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