Dave Chappelle Buys Tickets For Fans Who Were Scammed On Craigslist

Dave Chappelle Buys Tickets For Fans Who Were Scammed On Craigslist
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Dave Chappelle doesn't make it into the headlines very often, presumably due to a desire for privacy, most likely, however, in recent news, the star helped out a North Carolina couple.

According to a report from CBS, the Chappelle's Show alum personally delivered tickets to Eddie and Deidra Dickens after they bought tickets to his show from Craigslist. Unfortunately, they ended up being fake, so the news prompted Dave to get real ones for their Valentine's Day.

The tickets cost reportedly hundreds of dollars, so when Dave heard about it, he decided to help out. They went to the show with their friends, the group would've been four people in total, and they had their seats at the very end of the row for a specific reason.

Her husband, Eddie, actually has to use a wheelchair, so she wanted to make sure he had an accommodating seat. It was $500 for the tickets in total. During a conversation with a CBS affiliate, WBTV, the woman said they must not have any "empathy or goodness," in reference to the alleged scammers.

Dave, who worked along with the TV station obviously as a promotional effort of some kind - said to Eddie and Deidra as he walked up to them, "always get your tickets from reliable sources." Dave then told them that he hoped they had a great Valentine's Day.

The comedian learned a few good lessons from the incident: one, people always need to get tickets for shows from reliable sources and organizations. Moreover, it's a great feeling to do something good when given the opportunity.

Last year, Dave released his two latest specials on Netflix for which he was awarded several million dollars. The specials, for the most part, were received well by fans but less so by the mainstream media, who accused him of being "transphobic" among other bigoted terms.

Released on the streaming juggernaut, The Age of Spin And Deep In The Heart of Texas as well as Equanimity, both titles earned Grammy and Emmy wins as well as nominations. Dave was also given an Emmy for his appearence on Saturday Night Live in 2017.

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