Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Hacked Over Tamar Braxton, 'Celebrity Big Brother' Social Media Rants

Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Hacked Over Tamar Braxton, 'Celebrity Big Brother' Social Media Rants
Credit: Source: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

Lindsay Lohan has been the subject of intense media scrutiny since her mother, Dina Lohan, was booted off Celebrity Big Brother and her former housemate Tamar Braxton took home the $250,000 prize. That night, several tweets attributed to Lindsay Lohan surfaced calling out houseguest Ricky Williams (who put Dina on the chopping block), Celebrity Big Brother for having mysterious secrets that Lohan was going to abuse, and a personal attack on Tamar Braxton.

The controversy blew up, went viral, and had countless people sounding off on each of Lindsay Lohan's public social media accounts, as well as weighing in on Tamar Braxton's and Celebrity Big Brother's official social media accounts. As each person involved has millions of followers, the comments were seen by many and Tamar's fans threw shade at Lindsay while they tried to figure out the nature of her complaint.

Well, now Lindsay Lohan stated on Twitter that she never made the comments on Instagram (the jury is still out regarding Twitter), but instead, Lindsay said a former team member with access to her account amended the original Instagram post to make the inflammatory statements.

Lindsay wrote the following on Instagram.

"I have been made aware that further comments were added to my last Instagram post as to appear that I wrote them. Firstly, I can guarantee these comments were not made from me. Sadly from investigation I have learned that a past member of my team who had access to my account made these changes. This matter has now been dealt with internally. I want to personally thank CBS and Big Brother for giving my Mother this incredible opportunity and also to say how proud I am of my Mom for what she has achieved. Also MTV and Viacom for their wonderful support. Lastly, I want to thank those who made me aware of what was happening on my social media channels . Thank you. Lindsay x"

You may read the full statement with comments below.

The statement is going viral, but not everyone believes it is genuine.

One commenter wrote, "She knew Tamar and Toni was coming for her a$$!"

Another stated that her statement indicated she wrote it.

"You just proved that you actually did the post by not apologizing to the person the post was directed to!! Everybody is so over you and you’ve lost the little respect that people had for you by showing your true colors!!!! This was a show why you taking it personal because Tamar won!!!!

Others remarked that she didn't apologize to Tamar or mention the comments on Twitter.

What do you think? Do you believe that Lindsay Lohan's accounts were hacked?


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