Damon Dash Says He Felt Like Jay-Z Went Behind His Back And Betrayed Him Following His R. Kelly Collaboration

Damon Dash Says He Felt Like Jay-Z Went Behind His Back And Betrayed Him Following His R. Kelly Collaboration
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According to Vibe, there came a point when Damon Dash realized that he and Jay-Z didn't share the same morals, and it all had to do with his relationship and collaboration with R. Kelly, who has been involved in more sexual misconduct reports in recent days.

As it was previously reported, the release of a brand new documentary revolving around R. Kelly and his alleged misbehavior toward women has been circulating in the tabloids. Even John Legend appeared in the documentary to speak ill on the singer's name.

"I knew morally we weren't the same," Damon Dash said as he spoke with Kenyatta,  ' The Hip Hop Motivator' of Hip Hop Motivation . Published on Saturday on the 5th of January, the star confirmed that he and Jay-Z had somewhat of a falling out because of Jay-Z.

Speaking about the new series, Surviving R. Kelly, Dash said he was disturbed by his behavior toward young girls. Dash said that he watched it the other day, and he was "tight about a couple of things."

He once spoke to a girl who wanted to talk about him but couldn't even bring herself to reveal what Kelly had supposedly done to her. The star added that Aaliyah was in the same boat. "That dude was a bad man," Dash recalled of the legendary singer's words, who passed away tragically in 2001.

"Whatever got done was terrible." Regarding Jay-Z, the 47-year-old businessman/music mogul said that Jay - commonly known as HOV - toured with R. Kelly despite his child pornography case, something with which he didn't agree.

According to Dash, he didn't want to be a part of the BOBW project due to Kelly "violating" Aaliyah and other girls. Jay was supposedly aware of his feelings but chose to work with him anyway.

Dash, who hails from Harlem, said he never wanted "a part of that," and his relationship with Jay-Z suffered afterward. He then donated a significant portion of his revenue from the project to the breast cancer foundation founded by Aaliyah.

If what Dash said was true, Jay's choice to work with R. Kelly contributed partially to the downfall of Roc-A-Fela Records. Damon said he knew they weren't "the same," morally.

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