Cuba Gooding Junior May Be In Trouble As Surveillance Footage Shows The Groping Incident In Question

Cuba Gooding Junior May Be In Trouble As Surveillance Footage Shows The Groping Incident In Question
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According to a report from TMZ and Page Six, Cuba Gooding Junior's alleged groping situation has apparently made a turn for the worse, as the publications are claiming the footage shows him touching a woman's thigh as well as her breast.

While at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge at 10:15 pm on Sunday, the 30-year-old claims Cuba Gooding Junior touched her breast and thigh. In the video, Page Six claims Cuba is sitting next to his girlfriend, Claudine De Niro while at the Midtown Club when the victim suddenly comes over.

Cuba starts to chat with her, leaning over De Niro and places his hand on the woman's thigh. In the video, it allegedly appears that Gooding Junior touches her breast after slowly moving his hand up her person and tries to kiss her hand.

In another video from approximately thirty minutes later, Gooding and his girlfriend are kissing when the accuser walks over to him and starts arguing with a security guard. The woman's face is not clear in the video but TMZ claims the recordings feature the woman saying to the guard, "Yes, he did."

Gooding gets up and leaves with his girlfriend afterward. On Thursday evening, Cuba Gooding Junior pled not guilty to the sexual abuse charges and was released without having to post bail. Mark Heller, his attorney-at-law, says that the video footage clearly shows there was no sexual harassment or assault at the venue.

Mark says there is "absolutely no criminal conduct and inappropriate conduct on the part" of his client. Moreover, he claims Cuba Gooding Junior will be exonerated completely regarding the charges.

Over the last few years, Cuba has garnered a reputation for himself as a bit of a party boy, including one incident where he supposedly pushed a male bartender after aggressive fans approached him in an attempt to get a picture.

Cuba's star-power was shining the brightest in the early to late 1990s with roles in Boyz N The Hood, A Few Good Men , as well as Jerry Maguire, starring Tom Cruise.

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