Ashley Benson And Cara Delevingne Take Their Relationship To The Next Level With This Major Milestone

Ashley Benson And Cara Delevingne Take Their Relationship To The Next Level With This Major Milestone
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Ashley Benson and girlfriend Cara Delevingne have taken their relationship to the next level with one major milestone.

A source close to Benson revealed to US Weekly she sold her house and has officially moved into Delevingne's Los Angeles home. The actress and the model were ready to take their commitment to a higher level.

"They are so great. All their friends mix well together. They are happier than ever," the unnamed informant shared with the magazine.

The news the Pretty Little Liars alum and her British born girlfriend have moved in together comes a couple of months after they stood up for their relationship against online trolls . In April, Delevingne and Benson's romance came under scrutiny by haters who claimed the actress "should find a nice religious man."

They each used social media to not only defend their romance but express their true feelings for each other. 29-year-old Benson told the troll to mind their own business and stop making thing up.

However, the 26-year-old model took a different approach when firing back at the haters. She called Benson her "true love" before unleashing words of fury at those who were criticizing the romance.

"I genuinely feel sorry for you both, you are clearly not happy with your lives and have far too my time on your hands. Maybe get a hobby that doesn't involve being homophobic and hating others for being happy," said Delevingne as part of her post, letting the world know she has had enough with the judgment and haters.

Cara Delevingne and her girlfriend, Ashley Benson have moved in together almost one year after they were first spotted hanging out together. The couple sparked romance rumors last August at Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday party. Days later photogs got a glimpse of the two in a passionate kiss in London.

Although they will fiercely defend their relationship and are moving forward in terms of building a life together, Benson and Delevingne rarely discuss the romance. They are some times spotted on each other social media feeds but hardly ever with a picture of just the two of them.

The ladies are all about keeping the personal details of their relationship private. It is a tactic they have both used in their prior romances, so it is not as though they are trying to hide anything.

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